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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Worst Domain Names of the Web

After coming across many different sites with postings on the worst domains of the web, I’ve decided to compile my own list. These are all legitimate websites. The sad part is that most of these are unintentionally inappropriate. Let me know if I’ve missed any good ones. Enjoy!

www.BillGotHard.comBill Gothard Dedicated to helping youth and families make wise decisions Sorry Bill, but you’ll be staying away from my family and youth.

www.BlindSexPress.comBlinds Express The best prices in blinds Is this similar to the Bench Press?

www.BsOfElPaso.comBusiness Services of El Paso I’m glad somebody has finally owned up to the BS.

www.ChoosesPain.comChoose Spain Owner Holiday Rentals I’m guessing the other choices were pretty bad…

www.CummingFirst.comCumming First United Methodist Church God can’t be too happy about how this turned out.

www.DaleShitChinStation.comDale’s Hitchin’ Station False advertising…Dale does not have a butt chin.

www.DicksOnWeb.comDickson Chart Recorders I’m going to keep quite on this one.

www.DieselShitMen.comDiesel’s Hitmen I guess that’s what happens when you eat piece’s of sh** for breakfast.

www.ForDowners.orgFord Owner’s Association This is place to be if you want all your hopes and dreams crushed.

www.GotAHoe.com - Go Tahoe Online Is this a question or a statement?

www.IPAnywhere.comIP Anywhere Essential Tool for PCAnywhere I think you should keep this to yourself…

www.LaidAHo.comLA Weight Loss Center in Idaho This is just wrong.

www.MoFo.comMorrison & Foerster Legal Services Let’s get those mofo’s on the phone.

www.MolestaionNativeNursery.comMole Station Native Nursery Michael Jackson has given his full endorsement of the Nursery.

www.MomSexChange.comParked by GQ Domains I need to go call my Mom---Er---Dad---ahhh….

www.Mp3Shits.comMp3s Hits These must happen after mass consumption

www.ProgrammerStools.orgProgrammers Tools Can you vote on your favorites?

www.SpeedoFart.comSpeed of Art Bona Fide Art Direction The old fat guy at the beach did one these the other day.

www.TeacherStalk.comTeachers Talk Education Now Stalker of the Week goes to Jane from Ms.Wilson’s 5th grade homeroom.

www.TheRapistFinder.comTherapist Finder It’s your life…Treat It Well. I hope nobody is this deperate.

www.ViagraFix.comVia Grafix The new way to learn This is just plain stupidity…

www.WhorePresents.comWho Represents? Find an Agent Gifting others is an act of kindness.

www.PenisLand.netPen Island Custom Pens This one is way too easy…I’ll let you comment on it.


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